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The Director is responsible for the overall sound management of the foodwatch operations in The Netherlands, and for playing an active part in advancing the mission of foodwatch within the framework of foodwatch International. The Director reports to the foodwatch Board on all Board matters and works on day-to-day basis in close consultation with the Director of foodwatch International and their team.

Functie eisen

i) Office management

The foodwatch office is a small and highly motivated team. The Director is responsible for ensuring that the office works in a smooth and professional manner, with clear allocation of tasks and time schedules, and ensuring the timely sharing of all relevant information. The office should work as a team, with all members encouraged to contribute their skills to the maximum, backing each other up as necessary and coordinating closely with foodwatch International and other foodwatch national offices.

Key tasks include:

  • Keeping all office activities under review and adjusting priorities as required;
  • Ensuring oversight of all legal matters, including in respect of protection of the foodwatch name, staffing contracts and agreements with parttimers, volunteers and others;
  • Providing performance feedback to staff and seeking feedback on a regular basis;
  • Developing, proposing to the Board and implementing an annual Work Plan covering strategies and agreed objectives for all areas of activity, including relevant budget/finance plans and projections;
  • Drafting of an Annual Report and correspondence with high donors and other key contacts.

ii) Financial Management

foodwatch is a small campaign organisation, reliant on grants and donations from supporters. Its objective is to become financially self-sufficient as soon as possible. In this context, it is crucial that its financial affairs are conducted in a professional, transparent and accountable manner. This includes the collection and reporting of accurate data on all income and expenditure, the proper management of cash flow, and reporting and auditing of financial accounts on an agreed schedule. A foodwatch international Finance Committee, comprising 2 representatives from all offices and a Board representative (Treasurer) assists in this context.

Specific tasks include:

  • Supervision of financial planning (budget/cash flow)
  • Supervision of accounting and financial controls, cash management
  • Financial reporting to the Board and foodwatch International

iii) Fundraising fw seeks to fund its campaign activities through a mix of high donor and individual supporter financial contributions. Working in coordination with foodwatch international and other offices, this requires the active development and maintenance of relationships with donors, current and potential, to ensure they understand and value foodwatch’s activities.

Tasks include:

  • Monitoring the existing permanent and temporary supporters keeping attrition rates under close review, increasing the number of permanent supporters according to an agreed plan with clearly defined objectives and supporting strategy to ensure a sufficient rate on return;
  • Supervising, developing, optimizing the current supporter acquisition activities (e-mails, telemarketing, internet supporter acquisition and others; finding/testing new ways and methods of supporter acquisition;
  • The identification and approaching (on occasions with Board members, as agreed) of high and major donors in the Netherlands, using a toolkit of accurate and attractive materials on foodwatch’s mission, performance and objectives;
  • Reporting on all fundraising activities, including regular statistics to the Board and foodwatch International;
  • Sharing experiences and ideas with foodwatch International and other national offices on approaches to strengthen fundraising effectiveness.

iv) Campaigns Achievement of foodwatch’s missions requires a process of continuous and creative campaigning to profile issues, attract and maintain public attention and support.

This involves:

  • Planning and execution of campaigns in close cooperation with foodwatch International; optimising the use of campaigns and campaign experience from other foodwatch offices, and sharing the Dutch experience with other foodwatch offices;
  • Being alert to emerging food and agriculture issues and consumer interests in The Netherlands and Europe and seizing opportunities to advance foodwatch’s mission and messages;
  • Implementing agreed campaigns in a manner consistent with foodwatch’s commitment to the provision of accurate, transparent and reliable information, in support of the rights of European consumers.

v) Media and Supporter Outreach

As part of its campaigning and financial objectives, it is essential that foodwatch has a clear, prominent and positive public face, which delivers its messages in an appealing and convincing manner. In order to attract and maintain public attention, traditional and new media should be used and explored.

To this end, duties will include:

  • Developing and implementing a media and outreach strategy, based on identification of clear audiences, campaign messages and communication tools designed to leverage foodwatch messages;
  • Maintaining and upgrading the foodwatch website, as needed, as the primary resource for information on the organisation
  • Maintaining a portfolio of notable media coverage, including press and television;
  • The setting of challenging but realistic targets (e.g. on-line visitors, television coverage, etc.);
  • Engaging with media and communication professionals on a regular basis to project the foodwatch message and to invite feedback;
  • Assisting all foodwatch staff to develop their media skills, written, verbal and presentational; and
  • Liaising closely with foodwatch International and other foodwatch offices on common communications strategies and sharing experience.

vi) International Under an International Cooperation Agreement (ICA) concluded in March 2018, foodwatch NL is part of an international network of foodwatch organizations whose campaigns and activities are coordinated by foodwatch International.

In the context of this international collaboration, the Director’s duties include:

  • Playing an active and constructive role in international decision-making and strategy formulation, in particular though participation in the Executive Directors’ Committee (EDC);
  • Monitoring and ensuring compliance with international agreements and the implementation of the ICA; submitting an annual development plan to foodwatch International for approval; and
  • Assisting in the development and improvement of international procedures and their roll-out and implementation at the national level.

Under a Licence Agreement concluded between foodwatch E.V. (Licensor) and foodwatch Netherlands (Licencee) that authorises foodwatch Netherlands to use the name ‘foodwatch’, foodwatch Netherlands has undertaken to respect the policies defined by the Licensor.

vi) Governance

foodwatch NL is governed by a supervisory Board of Directors, whose job it is to ensure the effective operations of the foodwatch office in accordance with the foodwatch statutes. This includes the hiring and management of the Director, the setting of overall organisational goals, agreeing the annual Work Plan and Budget and providing advice on related matters.

In this regard, the Director’s duties include:

  • Reporting on office performance, strategy, operational risks and legal/compliancy issues on a regular basis;
  • The provision of Board meeting documentation (e.g. draft agenda, minutes from previous meeting, etc.) in a timely manner (e.g. 2 weeks before each meeting, except as agreed). The Board normally meets 2-3 times a year.


foodwatch protects the public interest in a food system where governments and big businesses all too often don’t.

We work for your right to food that’s honest, healthy and safe, and doesn’t destroy the environment. We expose food fraud, misleading labelling and unhealthy advertising, and campaign for better safety and transparency in the food system.

Rigorous with our facts, independent in our research, bold in tackling government and industry, ambitious in our goals.

Internally, there’s a culture of mutual respect and support. We work hard, but we value work-life balance.

And we’re looking for an Executive Director for foodwatch Netherlands – an independent organisation that is part of the foodwatch International family.

Our office of 6 staff is in Amsterdam West, close to the Harlemmerpoort. Our annual budget is around €¾ million. Our funding comes from individuals and a small number of Foundations. To guarantee our independence, we don’t accept funds from industry or governments.

We make change by campaigning – in the public eye, via the media, through legal processes and political pressure - putting the spotlight on the food industry, laws and decision makers in den Haag and Brussels, where most food law is made. Together with foodwatch organisations in France and Germany, we coordinate international campaigns as well as pursuing change in the Netherlands.

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