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Carapax IT
Carapax IT
inGouda of Eindhoven
Carapax IT
inGouda of Eindhoven
Natuur en Milieufederatie Utrecht
Communicatiebureau de Lynx
Universiteit van Amsterdam
Ampyx Power
inThe Hague

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Your CV. This might be the most important piece of paper in your life. Especially if you are looking for a new job. Could you use some professional advice? Get a CV check!


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Your personal, online presentation is more important than ever. Most employers google their applicants. What do they find searching your name?

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Career Coaching

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Not only does Greenjobs align with our values of re-shaping society collaboratively; they created an easy and useful platform that has brought us a large number of relevant candidates, some of whom eventually joined our team.
Finding a good fit for any organization is a difficult task, but using Greenjobs greatly helped us with this!

Theresa Thomasson - General Manager

Greenjobs helps us reach our target-group directly. People with the same mission and vision find each other at this platform in a really nice way!

Liza de Jong - Senior Recruiter


Great initiative, the Greenjobs jobsite! When you pursue a career in the sustainability sector, Greenjobs is a step in the right direction. The site offers a broad and varied collection of vacancies at relevant companies and organizations. Besides that, the people behind Greenjobs are ready to step in and help you boost your career. Yes, they really answer the telephone and yes, you will truly find the service you need. I genuinely recommend them!

Aren van Muijen

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